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Specially created for you

Why is it so pleasant to walk bare-foot on a grad terrace?

It’s because we developed the Comfort profile especially for you. The slightly rounded surface adapts exactly to the curvature of your feet so walking barefoot on your wooden terrace is a real pleasure.
Our profile is both pleasant and practical: the water drains faster, the wood dries faster and stays clean longer!

Slightly rounded effect

The boards are only slightly rounded, less than 2mm in height for 20cm width. But this slight curve improves your daily comfort greatly.

Water drains faster

The Comfort Profile is the ultimate barrier against warping of the terrace boards. You no long need to worry about your wooden terrace developing boards that are warped inwards where water can accumulate and dirt can settle. This is a non-existent issue with the Comfort Profile.

Warping of boards is impossible

Why does warping of wooden boards occur? It occurs because there is a difference in the humidity of between the surface and the underside of the wooden boards. The fibres of the wooden terrace are subjected to different loads: the upper ones contract and the lower ones expand.

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