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We created the JuAn® clip in 2006: 1st invisible fastening system for wooden terraces and to date still the only invisible wooden terrace fastening system of its kind to comply with the FCBA (French independent testing institute) DTU 51-4 standard (French standard for the assembly of wooden terraces). It has also won several prizes for invention, for example at the Lépine competition or at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

Using the JuAn® clip, we have assembled over 1,000,000m² of terraces in 10 years, with 100% satisfaction for the invisible fastening system.

The JuAn® clip was created, designed and patented by Eric JUNG (engineer) and Wilfried ANDRES (founding director of the company). Over the years, the system evolved to become more practical, quicker to install and more durable. This resulted in the final version: the Track System.

With the Track System, the structure consists of aluminium rails (painted black on the top), fitted with pre-assembled JuAn® clips.

This structure means that there are no more problems in keeping a living material such as wood straight. In addition, the structure is rot-resistant.

With the JuAn® clip the fastening of the terrace remains invisible whilst at the same time creating a 5mm-distance between the structure and the wooden boards, which is essential to ensure proper ventilation of the installation.

We strive to provide you with products that are increasingly suited to your needs… that’s why our aluminium rails are painted black on the top!

What’s the benefit for you? You can enjoy your terrace in the sunshine without being bothered by reflection from the rails. The structure is 100% invisible, even between the boards.

Since 2014, the boards can be dismantled. You can remove each board on your terrace individually simply by using the keys supplied. Need access to the structure? Need to find a dropped object? Need to replace an accidentally damaged board? It’s an easy and quick job!

But why have a terrace with invisible fastenings?

1. To improve the look: visually the boards do not have a visible screw every 50cm.

2. To improve durability: when drilling, the wood is weakened and water can seep in. The wood absorbs more water, dries more slowly and becomes less weather-resistant.

3. To improve everyday comfort: every screw leaves an imprint in the wood that becomes a dust trap. Without screws there is no unevenness where the dirt can accumulate.

Stoneware terraces

With grad you can choose the material for your terrace. Our Track System is also available for stoneware terraces. Thanks to props for the paving stones which are mounted on the aluminium rails, you can opt for a stone terrace. The resulting aluminium frame gives your terrace incredible durability. The paving stones cannot move, your terrace remains flat and pleasant over the years. Whether you want to cover your terrace with paving stones, or choose a mixture of stone and wood, you can create a unique and perfect structure!

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