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Each project is unique and your needs are not the same as your neighbour’s. This is why we developed technical solutions that can be adapted to any wooden terrace.

Designed to be built on tiles or concrete, the structure is insulated from the ground by blocks of different heights, allowing rain water to drain properly. This configuration allows the total thickness of the wooden terrace to be reduced to 4cm.

The weight of a wooden terrace rarely exceeds 30 kg/m2; and the structure is flexible and holds together. If the ground is quite stable, it is possible to distribute the entire weight of the construction across numerous TOP LIFT® feet, without a risk of lowering.

Rainwater drains or seeps through as before.

In order to maintain the sealed surface, grad terrace tracks rest on adjustable TOP LIFT® feet that have been specially designed for this purpose. According to very accurate calculations, the positioning feet are placed so that they carry the weight of planter boxes or other heavy products without risk of puncture. For access to difficult areas (rain water collectors), we are able to install specially designed access flaps.

If the terrace is to be assembled on unstable ground, the wooden structure will rest on concrete feet.

This is a completely separate structure, mounted on posts embedded into concrete foundations. The terrace has a staircase and a protective railing, and often contributes to changing the entire direction of traffic around the house. You simply need to turn a window into a window-door, and you have new, direct access to your garden.

You already have a balcony but you can’t really make the most of it because it’s too small? With our mounting solutions using posts or beams, you can expand the space according to your needs, add value to your home and benefit from more enjoyable moments with family and friends!

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