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A powerful terrace structure

TOP LIFT® is an adjustable universal foot. It holds the support beams of the wooden, composite and stonework terrace structures.

We have developed this polymer foot so that it can support the structure of your terrace at a height between 7 and 43 cm. So the foundation of your terrace is just as powerful as the rest.

Our TOP LIFT® foot is completely invisible after installation and is a clear advantage in allowing you to enjoy your terrace for a long time.

With the grad Track System there is no need to worry about the structure. You can enjoy your terrace every day and into the future.

The TOP LIFT® foot, which we developed, patented and produced, has numerous advantages:

  • A broad base so that the load on the terrace is better distributed. What does that mean? Even if you set up a table with 8 chairs and use your terrace every evening, the area under the table will not sink compared to the rest of the terrace. Your terrace will remain perfectly flat!
  • A clip system to connect the tracks to the feet. The structure holds together and forms a “frame" for wood or stoneware covering.
  • A nut to precisely adjust the level of your terrace. It is quick and easy to attach, but most importantly it is essential for your everyday comfort!
  • 100% recycled polypropylene for the most environmentally friendly foot possible. All of the plastic material used for TOP LIFT® feet is recycled and recyclable.

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