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To enable you to make the most of your outdoor area year after year with the same enjoyment, grad offers you 8 product areas to create the outdoor features you need!

Product quality, innovation (many patents and awards) and environmental friendliness are part of our corporate culture. This is why we are proud to present our various product ranges!

  • Our wooden or stoneware terraces enhance your outdoor areas to create a cosy and practical environment regardless of the type of ground.
  • Our lighting adds a touch of magic to the evening.
  • Our railings protect your family and friends.
  • Our fences protect you from uninvited eyes and from the wind.
  • Our wall cladding decorates your walls to give them a dynamic and modern look.
  • Our outdoor installations (pergolas, carports, furniture etc.) add functionality to your outdoor area.

Wood terraces

Discover our range of wooden terraces

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Stoneware terraces

Discover our range of stonware terraces

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Discover our range of lighting products

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Discover our range of protective railings

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Discover our range of stairs

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Discover our range of wooden terraces

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Wall cladding & extensions

Discover our range of wall cladding and extensions

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Outdoor installations

Discover our range of outdoor installations

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