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From the quality of the paving stones to the mounting system and the structure, each component of a grad terrace meets the toughest requirements for resistance, comfort and finish.

Our paving stones come from the province of Modena in Italy, the birthplace of ceramics. Our partner Atlas Concorde is one of the most internationally recognised specialists and precursors in this region of Italy, which currently has the world’s most advanced technology in the field of tiles and stoneware.

This allows them, for example, to perfectly imitate materials such as marble, natural stone and even wood.

Stoneware collections:

To meet your needs, we offer 2 collections that combine the advantages of ceramics with the warmth of the wood!

While the Axi collection focuses on uniform-coloured wood grain, the Etic Pro collection seeks to imitate different wood types, such as oak, using different colour tones found in nature.

Looking to give your terrace a more gentle feel? Choose Seastone, paving stones which look like pebbles at the beach. The more classic variation, Sunrock, will amaze you with its various stone imitations (for example, the “Pierre de Bourgogne" paving stones).

Whether concrete or quartz, the ultra-modern Mark and Trust collections are the perfect partners to help give your garden a contemporary style!

You can also combine these paving stones with wood for a mixed material terrace.

Our Track System makes it possible to mix wood and stoneware on the same structure: 2 materials, 1 terrace!

A perfect combination of the warmth of wood and the performance of ceramic for a unique terrace that meets all your needs. This allows you to assign specific uses to the various parts of your terrace.

While the wood radiates warmth, smoothness and a friendly atmosphere, the large paving stones offer incomparable comfort for areas with a lot of wear and tear or slipping (high traffic areas), or risk of stains (meals areas).

Stoneware advantages

  • Almost non-porous: this makes stoneware very easy to clean and completely frost-proof.
  • Extremely resistant to abrasion and wear: the surface will not be damaged.
  • Protects against food stains such as wine, fruit or even fat (for example, while grilling): the surface remains stain-free!
  • Non-slip: even when the surface is wet, you will not slip on your terrace.
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