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What is a grad terrace?

It is an elegant terrace with no visible fastening, but with perfect alignment, high quality material and up to a 50 year warranty! It is assembled using a patented and unique technical solution.

The terrace has become the 5th living area in a house: a place to feel good, share fun times together or relax. Whether you opt for hardwood or softwood, the wear on the boards is the same.

grad terraces are mounted on our Track system, the structure of your terrace is rot-resistant and permanent, perfectly complementing our high-quality wood types. Your terrace will be a place where you can enjoy good times long into the future!

We have different wood types, so that we can offer the best solution for every taste and every application:

Thermopine is a soft wood that has been thermally modified to increase its stability. The honey-coloured wood with small, dark knots give your terrace a warm and traditionnel look.

Thermopine is granted with a 20 years warranty thank to our partner : Thermory.

Thermoash is also a thermally modified wood. The medium brown colour and the grain give this knotless wood great elegance. Over time, the wood takes on a splendid, silver shimmer, which will enhance your house perfectly!

Thermoash is granted with a 20 years warranty thank to our partner : Thermory.

Kebony® is a so-called “new generation” wood. It is treated without using chemicals which gives it incredible stability and a 30 year warranty. This knotless wood has a warm, dark colour and looks amazingly similar to exotic wood. Over time, the wood takes on an increasingly light grey colour to give your terrace a really modern feel.

Choose Kebony® for a tempered exotic looking wood!

Accoya® is the wood type with the most impressive stability and durability. It has a 50 year warranty! Thanks to treatment without chemical additives, the wood is less dense than it would be naturally and is therefore ideally suited for swimming pool borders. It retains less heat, making it all the more barefoot-friendly.

Accoya®s light colour distinguishes it from the other wood types.

MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® is a solid, Thermo-Density® decking board, made from compressed bamboo strips. A special heat-treatment process at 200°C provides MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® the highest durability class possible and increases the hardness and stability. Bamboo X-treme® boards are made from the fast growing Moso bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource that not only grows very fast (up to 1 meter per day!) but does not result in deforestation after harvesting, as the plant does not die when the stems are harvested. The process results in a decking board with a warm, brown colour and the natural appearance of hardwood. Like any untreated tropical hardwood species, when exposed to outdoor conditions, MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® will turn grey over time creating a very natural look. MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® has a 25 year warranty.

Technical characteristics

As terraces specialists, we commit ourselves to offering a wide range of solutions for every taste and every budget.

The wood types on offer, together with our Track System The wood types on offer, together with our Track System, will meet your expectations whilst guaranteeing the stability or durability of the project.

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